DAL'ALU GRILLE-STOP and FIXATECH leaf-guards are available in 2 widths:

For G300/130 mm guttering

For G400/150 mm guttering


PROTECTALU is available in 130 mm width for G300 and SM33 guttering

  • The GRILLE-STOP range is used on existing guttering.
  • The FIXATECH range is used on new installations. This dual-function product is used both as a spacing hook for attaching guttering along its full length, as well as a leaf-guard.
  • The PROTECTALU leaf-guard is recommended for two models of new and renovated guttering.


 These three models are easy to install and very effective! You will not be obliged to clean your guttering !




4 good reasons to use Grille-Stop, Fixatech, and Protectalu leaf-guards.

> No more blocked gutters!

  • Leaves, pine needles, birds' nests, etc. no longer in clog the guttering and are swept away when the wind speed reaches 10km/h!

> Stop the proliferation of mosquitoes!

  • Organic waste and stagnant water in guttering provide ideal conditions for mosquitoes to develop. Our leaf-guards prevent these pests from proliferating. Furthermore, any larvae and mosquitoes present in guttering cannot escape!


> Reinforces guttering along its full length in snow

  • Fixatech reinforces the guttering along its full length. Your guttering is more resistant to snowstorms and high winds in cyclone conditions!


> Filtered water!

  • Our leaf-guards are efficient, even in severe storms.
  • Water is filtered to remove impurities and may be recovered for other uses