Downpipe range


The factory-produced DAL'ALU downpipe range includes several models, suited to all shapes of DAL'ALU guttering and installation configurations.

Rectangular models:
> Evolution rectangular 60x80 has an elegant, smooth design,
> The rectangular, 60x80, fluted downpipe is adaptable to most DAL'ALU guttering models,
> The 70x110 fluted downpipe has a high capacity for evacuating rainwater and is particularly well-suited to large roof surfaces.

Round models :

> Ø80 round, with its elegant ribbing, is particularly compatible with San Marco half-round aluminium guttering,
> Ø100 round combines an attractive, classic appearance with a high capacity to evacuate rainwater,
> Ø 125-300 round is the new, wide model for business and industrial premises.

Many models...


Aluminium finishing accessories

A variety of finishing accessories round out the attractive DAL'ALU ranges.

If your main concern is rainwater recovery, DAL'ALU offers a new range of water collectors to be connected to your existing installation.

DAL'ALU also proposes leaf-guards, gratings, and accessories to protect your installation from leaves and plant debris that may prevent rainwater from running away smoothly.

Collect your rainwater !


Fretwork pelmets

Fretwork pelmets are decorative, lacquered-aluminium elements, available in five different models: Alizé, Bougainvillea, Clover, Chinese Lily, and Hibiscus. They make an attractive, customised decoration for your home.