The DAL’ALU traditional cornice aluminium guttering range is designed to meet all rainwater collection needs and harmonise with your new or renovated building.

NIAGARA - Multi-purpose guttering

NIAGARA is a new cornice guttering intended for new and renovated business premises and private homes.

Its wider profile is suited to large tile overhangs in renovated buildings, with a capacity 25% higher than that of traditional aluminium guttering.


G300 traditional cornice guttering

The attractive, classic design of G300 cornice guttering, roll-formed seamlessly on site, is suited to all rainwater collection needs.

G300, roll-formed seamlessly on site to the precise dimensions of each building, is the standard aluminium guttering best suited to private homes.

G400 high-volume cornice guttering

The versatile design of G400 guttering is ideal for the most demanding configurations: large roof surfaces and wide overhangs.

The G400 model, roll-formed seamlessly on site to the precise dimensions of the building, is mainly intended for industrial, commercial, and agricultural buildings.

DAL'ALU rainwater downpipes are compatible with our aluminium guttering, as well as a wide range of finishing accessories.

G200 low-volume rectangular guttering