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DAL’ALU has 30 years' experience in aluminium fixtures and fittings for the construction industry. Half of our franchisees used to work in another type of business before they joined us.


  • 30 years' recognised expertise
  • 1 Network with over 150 franchisees in France
  • Innovative, tried-and-tested concept: customised aluminium guttering
  • A reliable economic model in an expanding market 
  • An investment lower than 50 k€
  • No franchise fee
  • No key money
  • Customised coaching to suit your profile

Whatever your level of experience, you can join the DAL'ALU network as a certified contractor.
Existing firms and new entrepreneurs are welcome to join the DAL'ALU network!

If you have a business project, contact us on + 33 5 56 67 40 40 or email at contact@dalalu.com

DAL'ALU Export managers will be happy to answer any further questions.

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the concept in pictures.

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